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We Are Not Dj's 

BEST SPANISH DJ 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016 (according to  RockDeLux  the most prestigious &  specialized spanish magazine)


They have left their mark on the stages of more than 100 festivals, being usuals in events as important as Arenal Sound (the biggest music festival in Spain with Martin Garrix, Vitalic, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Nervo, Galantis, KSHMR,...) where they played every year, closing 2018 edition with Steve Aoki and shared stage with Dj’s from Mars, Sandro Ávila, Edu Imbernon, Chimo BayoThe Bloody Beetroots, Gomad!&Monster, .... Also they are closing Málaga’s Fair every year since 2017, playing in front of more than 10.000 people...

They've also played for Red Bull, San Miguel and Heineken...

We Are Not Dj’s, yes they are. The one who has been impacted by his sessions knows. He knows and remembers. I have had the luck, privilege, to share with We Are Not Dj’s a part of your path. I have felt, lived, danced with them until exhaustion and I have witnessed their evolution, their delicious eclecticism, their sonic bomb that has made them essential for many of the most important festivals in their country, for many of the clubs, for unsuspected cabins and even to keep thousands of people in ecstasy and delirium for hours.


I have seen how Yoli turns on herself as a surpassed dervish and how Paco jumps and jumps and jumps on stage to the compasses of her machinations, because beyond sessions what We Are Not Dj's puts on the arena is a goldsmith's work mutable, adaptable, unique, precisely a machination, conjuration, which appeals to the deepest. Yeah


They are different, they handle an extensive palette with infinite possibilities, they can change radically in style, techno, rock, house, ... trying not to go easy, without losing the north but always contributing something to the mix, especially if you notice that they are behind, trying to impact, surprise, even when they play the typical hits.


They are forceful from minute one (zero is for the intro) they go out to break and they know how to put people to bounce, that's why they have become essential in so many festivals, preceded by “constancy and exclusive dedication” and a capacity to unique adaptation to each audience. “Each festival is a world and that's why we prepare ourselves thoroughly for every occasion and try not to repeat and surprise ourselves, that's why they call us again and again, because every time we do it differently without losing effectiveness,” they say. To which I would add two essential words: attitude and dedication. Because the energy they transmit is overwhelming, it sublimates space and time and drags you, it takes you to that place, that specific place where the only thing that transcends is dancing.


We Are Not Dj’s, have become essential. I have lived it, I know why. You are missing out.

Text: Israel Olivera (music festival director)

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